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Anne Hathaway meets Bigband & RTE CO.

Crazy couple of weeks in the studio with @brianbyrnemusic and the @rte_co.

RTE studio one has to be the best room in Ireland for recording a big section.

This week I had the pleasure of being in there for 2 different gigs.

First off a new Amazon prime TV series that John Carney is directing with Brian Byrne

composing and producing. The most amazing 7 min cue with Bigband and full orchestra,

and to top it off Anne Hathaway singing her heart out.

Brian Byrne with the pleased look on his face below!

We had a blast recording underscore for the rest of this episode, and some songs for @GaryClarkMusic for other episodes in the series with the NCO and a small hardcore crew of Jazzers - Ryan Quigley,

Paul Booth, Karl Ronan, Paul Moore, Guy Rikarby and Jimmy Smyth.

Just finished mixing and it sounds incredible.

Big shout out to @BigBearSoundLtd for giving me a loan of 3 @WarmAudio 251 mics which I thought sounded magical.

I've never really endorsed gear before but these mics are well worth trying out.

I used them as a small mini Decca tree in front of the Large Decca close to the strings, but I also tried them on the Drums as overheads and (shush don't tell Michael at Bigbear) in front of the kick drum as an outside kick/mono kit mic, and for every overdub that we recorded they were there in some shape or form.

Like mixing liquid gold.

Anyhow, the next thing was a day in RTE for the Screen Composers Guild of Ireland. @screencomposer2

Where 9 composers had their music played by the NCO and recorded ( by me )

with legendary Orchestrator Jeff Atmajian at the conductor podium.

The story was that every composer submitted their score and then we recorded that version, followed by a Jeff orchestrated version of the same piece so they could compare and hear the difference.

It was great to hear both and the input from Jeff made a huge difference in some cases.

There's Jeff below at the podium, small detail is that to play to the attending audience of other composers from the Guild and some industry folk, we turned the orchestra around the opposite way to how I'd normally record in this room.

Not sure if I like it as much, but it worked out well.

Thats it for now, updates on @VyvienneLong album soon, over and out...CB

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