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Normal People Soundtrack released on Spotify

Normal People (Original Score from the TV series) has been released on Spotify and other platforms. The Music all written and recorded by Composer Stephen Rennicks spans the entire 12 Episodes of the series. I was delighted to get the call to mix all the score music for the series and then to master for the Original score soundtrack. We finished all the mixing just before restrictions were brought in, and its great to see that the show has been received so well, pretty much across the board and Atlantic Ocean. 
For me it was another opportunity to work with Stephen again, since "The little Stranger" another of Director Lenny Abrahamson's work, and we did have a good laugh discussing the music prior to mixing and also the goings on of young adults of the age the show portrays, of which, we both have within our own families...'nuff said! 

Anyway''s the link to the spotify playlist.

I hope you enjoy it. Sounds great on those long walks late at night, listening on headphones, when there's nobody around...  

Variety review here..
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