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The Dry - Composer - Sarah Lynch

I mixed the score for the Brilliant Sarah Lynch earlier this year,

Directed by Paddy Breathnach and is streaming on Britbox now,

but will be on our usual screens later this year.

Very funny series which deals with families and alcoholism...

Sarah's score is heard throughout the series and is very different to the last time we worked together on the film documentary "The 8th"

Guardian Review – "this painfully funny dramedy is like an Irish Fleabag.."

There's more to most families than meets the eye!

I really loved working with Sarah on this, she has a great knack for judging the mood perfectly,

and the score is getting great mentions too...

Anyway its always great craic working with Sarah and I hope this goes on to be a great success.

Hope you enjoy the clips and bits..,



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